Asphalt and Concrete Paving

Asphalt and concrete paving and asphalt milling / overlay services 

Curb and Gutter

Concrete curb and gutter sections meeting specifications for all Oklahoma municipalities, Oklahoma Department of Transportation, and Oklahoma Turnpike Authority.


Site clearing and earthwork services including detention ponds.

Storm Sewer Drainage and Structures

Storm sewer drainage utility services including but not limited to all types of pipe installation, precast and cast-in-place storm sewer structures and RCB bridges and culverts. 

Subgrade Modification

Pavement subgrade stabilization services utilizing flyash, lime, portland cement or cement kiln dust.

Pavement and Maintenance Services

Asphalt and concrete patching, crack sealing and repair, and sealcoating.

Notable Projects

Sealcoating Parking Lot

Turnkey Infrastructure Solutions

First water

1. Of the highest quality; the highest rank

We provide a wide range of sitework services including earthwork, turnkey asphalt and concrete paving services, storm sewer utilities and structural concrete, as well as maintenance services for existing pavements.